Shantel Stone
Freelance Web Artist

SW FL Location: 239.470.7703

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100 Million-Plus shop online!!! Even if you have a store do most your business in person, a website can both prepare and be a guide for what is to be expected when a person walks into your place of business. Many times people want to know who it is they will be meeting or what kind of products they should expect to see. Gas prices are going up and people are very hesitant to drive out to a location that they are not sure of.  Even if you are an individual selling one or two services, people want to see how you represent yourself. A website is the first impression that many are interested in seeing.
It is important to have your products and services presented in a way that is eye catching and user friendly. Your Ecommerce store should be stimulating and enticing to the visitor.  Many website visitors have said they like to find their desired product easy and purchase it in less than a minute.  Websites should be clean and simple with alittle "pizazz" to stimulate!

Per Page ...........$350
5 Page Pkg....... $1,250
10 Page Pkg......$2,000



The difference between an Ecommerce page and a Web Design page, is the layout. The main focus on an Ecommerce page, is your cost of products or services. There will generally be an introduction to your products and or services, but the main information on your Ecommerce page will be what you are selling and how much. A Web Design page focuses more on your company and what it's all about. It's more like a company profile. It is good to have a website built with an Ecommerce store built into it.  "Buy it Now" or "Add to Cart" can be on both an Ecommerce page and a Web Design page. For a small business it's common to have a 3 to 5 page website.

Per Page ...........$425
5 Page Pkg......... $1,800
10 Page Pkg........$3,000


 Integrating your social network into your site is a great way to promote your business, especially when you are on a tight budget.
 Features "like it" or "tweet it" are great ways to entice the visitor to interact with your site. The use of social networks is an important part of your web strategy and it can lead to the expansion of your business and a better brand position.

Per Page ...........$225  (1 social network page.)
5 Page Pkg......... $600   (5 different social networks pages.)


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